Legal Campaigns

We develop awareness campaigns around groundbreaking legal cases – using the lawsuit as a vehicle to shape the discussion around a current social challenge. Specifically, we conceived of and managed the sole legal challenge to California’s Proposition 8, a measure that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry. To help reform California’s education system, we partnered with Students Matter to bring a lawsuit that promotes education quality and equality.

Case Studies:

Cause Branding Campaigns

On behalf of our socially-minded corporate and foundation clients, we create campaigns to advance a variety of causes, including economic development, preventative healthcare, and international food aid. These campaigns have delivered millions of dollars, celebrity endorsements, impactful press and lasting partnerships to programs of all types.

Ballot Initiative Campaigns

Our team has managed every piece of the initiative process, from advertising to campaign management to general consulting and communications strategy. We’ve passed measures that promote early childhood education, support clean energy, and fund stem cell research. We’ve also worked on civil rights measures, including an ongoing campaign to protect the rights of gay and lesbian residents of North Carolina.

Philanthropy Campaigns

Our established presence in Los Angeles has enabled us to work with some of the most passionate and engaged members of the entertainment industry – whether building campaigns that support the issues they care about or partnering with a celebrity to bring awareness and funding to our clients and their causes.

Issue Management Campaigns

Building platforms that attract attention and drive media interest to an important policy issue or need is at the heart of what we do.

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